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A demolition project can develop as the result of an aging structure, a need to make room for progress, or rebuilding from extensive damage due to storm or another incident. There is an art and science to it. Don’t chance it without expertise.

Any demolition job should start with a survey of the structure as required by OSHA 1926.850 to be done by a competent demolition engineer or expert. The survey determines the condition of the structure and identifies risks of a premature collapse.

What we provide:

  • Demolition Preparation

  • Engineering Survey as required by OSHA 1926.850(A)

    • Hazardous substance assessment

      • i.e., asbestos

    • Utility location and protection

    • Public welfare

    • Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)

  • Demolition Permitting

  • Waste Disposal Plan

  • Emergency Response Planning

  • Demolition Plan Development

  • Demolition Planning and Execution

  • Structural Engineering Razing Plan

  • Site Restoration

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