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Structural Inspections

Inspections serve as a safety and predictive maintenance tool to protect against reactive decisions to failed equipment and plant downtime.  Identify issues before they become catastrophic. 

What we provide:

  • Experience, Trustworthiness & Commonsense Solutions

  • Sound knowledge of your business criteria and constraints

  • On-site evaluations

    • Every 3-years for any storage structure

    • Annually for the Greater Than 50 List (see below) and storage structures with concerns

  • Top to bottom inspection: roof, roof to wall, and wall to foundation

  • Sensible rebar scans of lower third of structures

  • Concrete & Weld testing

  • Confined space inspections

  • 3D scanning

  • 3D modeling

  • Maintenance recommendations

  • Practical and prudent solutions for repairs and modifications of identified issues

  • Quality summary report with first inspection establishing baseline

  • Grain Elevators/Silos expertise

    • Half of the total grain storage structures were built in the 1950’s with a 50-year life expectancy, aka the Greater than 50 list. These aging structures have surpassed their life expectancy and either need to be repaired or removed to make way for new.

    • We identify silos at risk on your facility. They have the potential for sudden and catastrophic failure, most commonly occurring in the lower third of a sidewall. Walls of a silo are designed to resist extreme outward forces from the grain loading, which over time can weaken due to stress, corrosion, and “fill/empty” fatigue. By identifying these at-risk silos before they fail, you have options: preserve, repair, or demo.

    • Is Demolition the best option?
      Seek help to analyze the cost/benefit ratio of having the structure removed vs. having it refurbished. If the decision has been made to remove the structure, there are several steps to follow to ensure the silo can be brought down safely and with no negative impact on the environment. 

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